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Wordpress Development

WordPress is a free open source blogging tool and content management system. Based on PHP and MySQL this widely popular CMS platform on the web counts for an approximately 20% of top 10 million websites around the globe. WordPress is preferred by millions of web users and bloggers for its simplicity, ease and effectiveness. WordPress uses a web template system through its template processor.

Typically a user using this popular CMS can enjoy an array of flexible features like installing and switching themes, using multiple plugins, multi user or multi blogger support with one installation, supporting mobile applications and many other features. From typical personal blogging to heavy business websites – there are great range of websites from every niche who prefer WordPress.

The WordPress themes facilitate users to alter the appearance and activity of a WordPress site and they can even install the site without changing the data or structure of the website. The users can easily install themes and can move between the themes.
This is the most popular feature of WordPress. It facilitates users to expand its capabilities easily and make the process of WordPress development an easy one.
These are small components that facilitate users to customize their website easily and quickly. The widgets play an important role in WordPress development as well by means of the header, footer and sidebar .PHP files.
Multi-user and multi-blogging is possible by using WordPress MU that permits users to use multiple blogs on a single website to handle their individual blogging community in addition to manage and moderate all the blogs from a solitary dashboard. WP testers, which are in the WordPress community, play an important role in WordPress development and they test each release.
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